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About Us

Certified Women Owned

At Clean Point Energy we work with only licensed, insured, and high quality electrical and general contractors. Our commitment is to provide our customers a quality experience by bringing together a team of highly trained professionals to perform each energy upgrade project. We are a certified woman-owned, community-minded company deeply invested in our local and state communities. We are members of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce, and the Point Richmond Business Association, and are proud sponsors of New Life Movement, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in our community.

We are proud to be a small business with a majority female ownership co-owner Amanda Zeier our behind-the-scenes maven is instrumental in getting the business of solar energy done. (Plus she keeps our Other owner Billy Zeier, in check) it’s guaranteed that if you talk to us, place an order go through the permitting and design process, or experience an installation with us, you’ll get to know Amanda very well.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire & enable the community to utilize Solar Power & to make our world a more sustainable & peaceful place to live.

Our Story

It takes a unique and mysterious combination of people to make a business work, and we think we’ve done that at Clean Point Energy.

Billy and Amanda Zeier have been partners in crime (well, marriage) for almost two decades, and their long-lasting relationship and now business partnership is testament to the maxim “opposites attract”. Billy was born and raised in Richmond and is an “ideas” man: He’s passionate about solar energy and his drive is what propels us forward. Amanda is an editor by trade, and has brought her organization and efficiency into the back office. From its very foundation, Clean Point Energy is a family.

Our philosophy is simple: We want to provide solar power for the next generation by leading a renewable energy movement.

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to take care of each other. Clean Point Energy believes the best way to do that is to start with each person, slowly growing until our communities are sustainable, full of empowered individuals looking to improve the future.

We plan on establishing strategic training offices throughout the United States, extending our philosophy into other communities, cities, and states. By becoming the premier clean energy contractor, first locally and then spreading nationwide, we hope to create a cleaner and healthier future through renewable energy.

Clean Point Energy is a full-service provider of high quality solar panel systems, walking clients through conception to installation, and working to ensure the most financially beneficial system for your home or business property. We complete all projects in-house or with our contractors, lifting the burden of organizing multiple steps from your shoulders.


  • Solar panel procurement, system design and engineering, and installation
  • Assistance with your financial options and connections with our financial partners
  • Electric vehicle chargers (certified Tesla)
  • Energy storage via batteries for your home or business

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Billy in social and professional settings and I have to say, his enthusiasm and dedication to excellence truly set him apart. I recently switched my home to solar and Billy walked me through every step and made sure that everything was done properly. I highly recommend Clean Point Energy without hesitation!"

JIMMY DONAGHY Enterprise Account Executive

Our Team

Billy Zeier

Billy Zeier

Co-Owner, Energy Director

Our goal when we started this company was to inspire and enable our community to use clean, renewable energy and make the world a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful place to live. As our company grows and evolves, so do our goals.

Amanda Zeier

Amanda Zeier

Co-Owner, Project Manager

We want to help our community rise to the challenge of “going green” while simultaneously putting Richmond on the map for innovative ideas in implementing green energy throughout the community.

Dean Sala

Dean Sala

Director of Engineering

I have a deep and sincere love for all things solar, with over 25 years of solar engineering. I am now responsible for the design and development of the revolutionary dual axis Clean Point Solar Tracker, the "STracker."

Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher

General Construction Foreman

Im responsible for providing leadership and direction to the project installation team, with over 20 years of experience leading and completing construction projects. I pride myself on maintaining strong organizational and communication interactions with each of our customers.

Jose Luis Sanchez

Jose Luis Sanchez

Solar Foreman

As our Solar Foreman, Jose Luis brings over 10 years of solar installation and construction project Managment with him to every project. Jose luis has an uncanny ability to always find the best solution when projects get tricky earning him the nickname of the “The Magic Man” or as we say in Spanish “El Mago”. He inspires and manages our solar, battery, and ev charger install crews. Jose Luis ensures that safety requirements and installation construction codes are met.

Jhawoni Holloway

Jhawoni Holloway

Logistics Director

Jhawoni of J-Holloway Logistics, brings his 5 years of solar logistics and supply chain operations experience to ensure that our equipment, tools, and people, get where they need to be in an efficient manner. Jhawoni and his team, help to make sure each of our projects will have the materials needed and placed where they need to be. His strategic planning nature is critical to our companies ability to execute quality and timely projects.