Commercial Solar

We work with businesses to engineer solar power systems that help them maximize their profits. Businesses have many financial reasons to take advantage of current federal and local tax incentives to make clean energy upgrades. We help business owners save up to 70 percent in the first year.

Lowering your bottom line and increasing profits is every business owner’s goal, right? Now, because of the booming solar industry and tax incentives, business owners can invest in a solar panel system with Clean Point Energy and see immediate results. Call or email us to learn how we can help you lower your costs.

We bring our successful and talented team to take you through the entire process of an energy upgrade:

  • We discuss your options with you, including giving you a one-on-one analysis of your business’s energy usage.
  • We conduct a full site survey in person, combined with satellite imaging and remote measurement, to evaluate your property power system and troubleshoot any tricky areas.
  • Our engineering team designs an attractive, non-obtrusive panel display for your business.
  • We procure all necessary permits, freeing you from any headaches dealing with legalities.
  • Our installation team, with hundreds of installations under their belt, installs your equipment. Our project managers keep tabs on the project, acting as a liaison for you and keeping you apprised of progress.
  • We work with your energy provider to have your installed system approved and turned on so that you can start generating energy.
  • We are available at any time to troubleshoot and ask questions after you system is up and running!

To determine the MACRS depreciation and ROI benefits, we go over the details of your system and show you how these can benefit your business. These vary individually on a case-by-case basis.