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Backup Batteries


Clean Point Energy offers our customers the best choices of home and business backup batteries. We create and install turn key systems that allow you to rest easy knowing that your home and business will be protected during power outages.

Clean Point Energy and companies like LG, Tesla, Panasonic, Sonnen and Schneider, have partnered to bring innovative backup battery systems to homes and business. Simply put, these backup battery systems store solar power and intelligently deliver the clean, reliable electricity when the sun Isn’t shinning.

A Clean Point Energy solar system + backup battery can protect your home or business operations during power outages by keeping on demand electricity for your needs.

Power out or Power up?

What’s powering your next blackout?

Don't be left in the dark - keep the lights on and enjoy solar power day and night.

A Clean Point Energy backup battery can protect your home and business during a power outage, keeping your lights, Wi-Fi, Refrigerator, TV, Microwave, and other electrical needs running.

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