Solar Power For Nonprofits Program

Are your energy costs going through the roof? Clean Point Energy is proud to offer low-cost assistance to nonprofits and community organizations seeking to switch to solar power.

Here’s what to expect: 

Our clean energy team will help you identify the specific tax credits your nonprofit qualifies for — saving you hours of reading and paperwork. 

Then, you’ll get a FREE solar financing quote. Our certified solar technicians will install your solar power system quickly.

Once your solar power is up and running we also offer ongoing support should any issues arise — or if you just have any burning questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Solar for Nonprofits

Is it really that easy? 

Yes! Clean Point Energy is a certified solar installer with Re-volvWe have decades of experience helping nonprofits as well as businesses and homeowners go solar.

What types of nonprofits qualify?

Participants in this exciting program must be a certified U.S. nonprofit organization, a place of worship, or a cooperative. Financial details including recent utility bills will be reviewed.

The nonprofit should also own the building where it operates or be on a long-term lease.

Finally, the building must be in safe working condition for the installation. 

How much can my nonprofit save?

Most organizations can expect to save 30% or more on their electricity bills. In addition, nonprofits can qualify for a 30% cash-back rebate for the cost of the solar system. *These systems are also financed for the nonprofit for $0 money down — with up to 25-year terms for financing.

Plus, warranties, operations, and maintenance are covered by this program.


Ready to start?