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Noemi Ortiz

Noemi Ortiz

Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Our goal when we started this company was to inspire and enable our community to utilize clean, renewable energy and make the world a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful place to live. As our company grows and evolves, so do our goals. We want to help our community rise to the challenge of going green and put Richmond on the map for innovative ideas in implementing green energy.

As the director of operations, I ensure that quality product is available to ALL members of our community at a reasonable price. As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I want to show other women that we have a lot to offer this industry. I want to inspire young women in the community to think outside the box, to spark the fire that will make them seek out a challenge and push the boundaries, and to help pave the road not yet traveled by this community.

By using green energy, we teach younger generations that the environment is our responsibility and that what we do matters. It’s in our power to make changes that will positively benefit future generations.

The solar industry is booming and it is now possible for everyone to go solar. Anyone that owns a home can go solar, regardless of their financial status. 

Ultimately, we want to be a hiring force for local nonprofits like Solar Richmond, which is a workforce development nonprofit that trains and hires people from the community, as well as other nonprofits such as Girls Inc and New Life Movement. These nonprofits are heavily involved in helping young men and women succeed in school and enter the workforce.


Post: Co-Owner, Director of Operations