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At Clean Point Energy, we are dedicated to providing renewable energy options for our community. If you know someone who would benefit from incorporating solar energy into their home or business, enter their information below. As a thank you, we give you $300 for every home or business owner you refer to us that gets installed.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and enable the community to utilize clean, renewable energy and to make our world a more sustainable and peaceful place to live. We are excited to educate business owners and home owners about the financial and environmental benefits of using solar power.


The Advantages


The government currently offers a 26 percent federal tax credit for solar panel systems on residential and commercial properties. This credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the individual’s or company’s income taxes. The benefit is expected to decrease in the near future, which is why we encourage homeowners to go solar sooner rather than later.

Installing solar panels on your home or business also increases the value of your property without increasing your property tax. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that a property with solar panels experiences an average 3-4 percent increase in property value.



Why Go Solar?

California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requires utility companies to get 50 percent of their energy from renewable by 2030 . California’s regulations, incentives, steady sunshine, and environmentally-friendly culture have made our state a nationwide leader in solar energy.

With the booming solar industry employing a steadily growing number of Americans, as well as the financial benefits to property owners, solar energy is an affordable and efficient way to power our future.


Why Clean Point?

As a team, Clean Point Energy has over 40 years of combined experience in sustainable community development. We have provided satisfied customers with customized solar panel systems all over California. With our extensive network of tried-and-tested contractors, we take our customers through the entire process, from discussing and procuring financial options, site surveys, system design, and installation.

We can guarantee $0 down financing, with a minimum of 20% savings on your electricity bill. We offer 25-year warranties on solar panels, and use only the highest quality equipment in the industry. We have a C-10 Electrical Contractor license and a General Building Contractor (B) license, both through the state of California.

Some of the benefits of working with Clean Point Energy include:
  • We offer both residential and commercial services
  • We are Tesla Certified
  • We are certified through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • We provide complete clean energy equipment packages, including solar, energy storage, and electric car chargers


Net Metering 2.0


We have partnered with California utility companies to offer the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program which has now been updated to the NEM 2.0 program. Net Metering 2.0 makes a few minor changes to California’s original net metering policy, but it preserves the key element that makes solar economical for California residents: retail rate bill credits. There are three main differences between the original California net metering policy and Net Metering 2.0: time-of-use rates, interconnection fees, and non-bypassable charges. The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CalSEIA) estimates that the combined impact of these changes will be approximately $10/month compared to the original policy.California utilities are currently trying to remove the NEM program. This is yet another reason why we encourage all property owners to take advantage of these benefits now before they are no longer offered.

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